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During a routine corporate security job, hacker Jim Ericssen accidentally steps on the digital toes of something he’s never “met” before: a powerful, malevolent, artificial intelligence, buried deep in cyberspace. He probably could’ve survived just fine. All it would take is an apology and a promise of silence.

But Jim’s big problem—pride—gets in the way, and he pushes too far.

Immediately, he’s in serious trouble: an escalating back-and-forth battle with a brutal menu of real-world consequences, including everything from prison to an early grave. And his AI foe proves able to hack and use just about anything attached to the internet as a weapon.

As their one-on-one fight explodes into an inconceivable global conflict, Jim must navigate dwindling options to save not just his own life, but humanity, from a desperate future…

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Jed Henson